Handicap Your Golf Buddy!!

How to Use Your Handicap for a Fun Round of Golf


  1. Know your handicap. You can use the golf calculator listed below. I use the swing by swing app to track my handicap.
    • http://www.golfsoftware.com/hsd/free-golf-handicap-calculator.html
    • https://www.swingbyswing.com/
    • I currently have a 17 handicap. Don’t Judge!
  2. Find the slope of your course.
  3. Calculate your on course handicap.
  4. If you are playing with any other golfers, you will need to determine their on course handicap as well.
  5. Subtract the lowest on course handicap from your handicap. This is how many strokes you will be given.
    • A 21 handicap vs a 11 handicap. 21 – 11 = 10.
    • The 21 handicap gets 1 additional stroke on each of the 10 hardest holes.
  6. Prior to your round, add the additional stroke to the 12 hardest.
    • There should be a handicap line on your score card with numbers ranging from 1 to 18. 1 is the hardest and 18 is the easiest.
  7. Now go out there and play smart, kick butt and have fun!

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